It is very well documented that Cocaine and Crack Cocaine abuse can bring on depression among other mental illness’s. So what is depression? The feeling of depression is something we all experience from time to time. It can even help us to recognise and deal with problems in our lives.  However, in clinical depression or a depressive episode within a bipolar disorder, the feeling of depression is worse. It goes on for longer and makes it difficult or impossible to deal with the normal things of life. If you become depressed, you will notice some of these changes:


 Depression – Emotional

  • feelings of unhappiness that don’t go away
  • feeling that you want to burst into tears for no reason
  • losing interest in things
  • being unable to enjoy things
  • feeling restless and agitated
  • losing self-confidence
  • feeling useless, inadequate and hopeless
  • feeling more irritable than usual
  • thinking of suicide


  • can’t think positively or hopefully
  • finding it hard to make even simple decisions
  • difficulty in concentrating


  • losing appetite and weight
  • difficulty in getting to sleep
  • waking earlier than usual
  • feeling utterly tired
  • constipation
  • going off sex


  • difficulty in starting or completing things – even everyday chores
  • crying a lot – or feeling like you want to cry, but not being able to
  • avoiding contact with other people.

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